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Image of Plots, Ploys, and Other Cons a book by Brent Braun

Plots, Ploys, and Other Cons a book by Brent Braun


“This book is basically a grab bag of genuinely amazing tricks, performing insights from a serious pro, and bonkers pranks. It's really good, really weird, and I enjoyed it a LOT. Also it looks really pimp.”
-Phil Smith

“Not only is PP&OC filled with incredible inspiration to make your magic better, it will be the most fun thing you read this year!”
-Daniel Martin

“Sure, this book contains methods and routines. More importantly, Brent is sharing his philosophies on how to really do MAGIC. Some of the bits are fun and silly. Others will empower you to not just create memories, but to create moments that will become the stuff of legend.” -Kevin Reylek

“Brent Braun likes to mess with people... in a good way. Whether he's bending minds in a stage show or warping reality in a social interaction, he's always putting in the effort in to blow someone's mind.

Plots, Ploys, and Other Cons is full of bold ideas and clever gambits that are as fun to read as they are to unleash on your friends and audiences.

My favorite trick is The Paper Prediction Principle: a down-to-earth Confabulation effect that's dead simple. With a trip to the office supply store, you've got a knockout closer for your next stand-up show.

The Chair Principle truly rocked my world and instantly elevated my professional walk-around performances. This simple idea is worth the price of this book many times over.

Overall, I think you're going to love living inside Brent's head for awhile.” -Caleb Wiles

For the last 10 years people have been telling me that I should write a book. You know, a good old-fashioned magic book. The thought scared me and intimidated me because although I wasn’t sure what kind of book I wanted to write, I knew what kind of a book I didn't want to write. I didn't want a book that taught you where to put your fingers or how to hold a card. I didn't want a book that explained to you what to do and when to do it. I didn’t want a book that expanded your performing repertoire. I wanted a book that wasn't full of tricks, but instead was full of ideas. Some good, some bad, some crazy, but all having value in some way.

I’m not sure if anyone who reads this will use these ideas or even understand them, but I will say this book contains the single strongest trick I’ve ever created. I have used Cold Coin to change lives and to bring me closer to people I barely knew. I have used it to become a legend and to give people a memory that will last forever. It's not a trick I do all the time, but when the time is right and the opportunity is there, this trick has never failed to make someone truly feel that thing I’m driven to share.

Enjoy the ride.

Limited quantities printed.
Each one individually numbered.
All proceeds go to benefit J&B Magic Shop and Theater.

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